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Rob Dalton

Chainsaw Artist

Rob’s artistic journey evolved from a turbulent period in his life following a PTSD diagnosis in 2018.


Rob resigned from his career in service and undertook a qualification in chainsaw felling and maintenance where, to his delight and surprise and the support of his chainsaw mentor, Phil, and his therapist, Jayne, he discovered he could use chainsaws to create works of art and in 2019, Daltonwood was born. 

Since then Rob has continuously developed his artistic skill and technique in wood art. Rob not only finds the creative process incredibly therapeutic and intensely personally satisfying but he also loves the pleasure his work will give his clients for generations to come.

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A respect for nature.

Fundamental to the Daltonwood ethos is a deep love of nature and the outdoors and Rob is truly passionate about transforming pieces of windblown, diseased or felled timber into magnificent pieces of artwork, often using trees on site in clients’ own gardens, parkland or woodland.


Rob is also able to source timber ethically from a reputable woodland management company that is FSC compliant.


Rob takes steps to minimise the impact of his art by using the latest in energy efficient chainsaws and, where petrol saws are used, low impact Aspen fuel. 

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