Rob Dalton

Woodsmith, Chainsaw Artist, Craftsman

Hello,  my name is Rob Dalton and I am a chainsaw carver based in the beautiful North Wales countryside. I have always loved working with wood and started my career with an apprenticeship in cabinet making, before serving my country.


I rediscovered the enjoyment of working with wood, making furniture from reclaimed timber. In November 2018, whilst facing the challenges of PTSD, I qualified in chainsaw felling and maintenance. I then discovered chainsaw carving which is a fantastic form of mindfulness for me.


These two branches of woodcraft allow me to create for you unique and individual pieces of wood art from ethically sourced timber. 

If you like my style of carving and would like me to create you an individual piece bearing the unique DALTON WOOD brand please contact me. 

I look forward to hearing from you. 

Thanks, Rob.

Woods with Fog
Chainsaws 1.JPG

A respect for nature.

I source my timber from a local company involved in woodland management. From time to time I am also offered wood from friends and family who are having a tree felled in their garden. 


I use modern, well maintained, efficient chainsaws. Stihl, Echo, Husqvarna. 


I use Aspen fuel which is less harmful and more efficient than regular petrol (See Aspen website)


I love the idea of creating something that will last and will never end up expanding the ever increasing landfill sites even if discarded.

A carving as unique as you are.

We are all different!

Some people like to come and see me at Mold Market and select something I’ve created. Some people have an idea and commission me to create that idea for them. That piece specifically made for them, either from timber I had sourced or a tree stump in their garden. Every carving is uniquely created by me. 

I love to have a conversation with you and find out what you like, where your sculpture is going, what’s it for. These things are in my mind when I’m at work on your creation. 

No one else will have a carving quite like the one I’ve made for you.